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  1. Ambo A.

    Ambo A.Před 17 hodinami

    8:15 that pink coupe tho. 😂

  2. Tom Mcloughlin

    Tom McloughlinPřed 18 hodinami

    Lambo was going way to fast in a 20mph zone

  3. Sean Marriott

    Sean MarriottPřed 19 hodinami

    Sell it to Tom syndicate

  4. Rio XXX

    Rio XXXPřed 19 hodinami

    Im trying to find out if this car has air con 😆

  5. Avrax

    AvraxPřed 20 hodinami

    This thing looks like an upgraded Lexus LFA

  6. Karim

    KarimPřed 20 hodinami

    You have more cars than I have underwear in my wardrobe.

  7. Don’t care

    Don’t carePřed 20 hodinami

    Small engine, you cannot tow a fifth wheel trailer with it, so what’s the point of it ??

  8. ivan horvat

    ivan horvatPřed 20 hodinami

    infrastructure is 1fast charger can charge 10cars per day(each car ~2h)..luckily nobody has ev......when we reach 1% of cars already will be drama on chargers..and it s soo grean to have everywere fast chargers(it s not even possible) my city they changed whole infrastructure wires under main square to make 2 fast chrg which nobody uses...we could all have decent job instead of chrg that nobody uses..

  9. Princess Pedalizo Guevarra

    Princess Pedalizo GuevarraPřed 21 hodinou


  10. FRONT:MAN242

    FRONT:MAN242Před 22 hodinami

    you only have two hands man :-)

  11. proringz

    proringzPřed 22 hodinami

    Think it's pretty clear now that you're going after all the Black Series models... SL65 IS NEXT!

  12. Potato

    PotatoPřed 22 hodinami

    This guy has a name like he i from the interdenominational cable from Rick and Morty

  13. Michel Crepin

    Michel CrepinPřed 23 hodinami

    So lucky, give me 1 hr. behind the wheel where I will exploit every horse there is in this puppy. Trust me.

  14. Michel Crepin

    Michel CrepinPřed 23 hodinami

    Wrong colour but my final move in life is owning one of LaFerraris. It will happen. Soon.

  15. Nima Elyasi

    Nima ElyasiPřed dnem

    I wish there was less of an attempt at narrating during the lap and more of just pure driving.

  16. John S.

    John S.Před dnem

    Not really a fan of the garage. It makes me have to concentrate to see the cars. It feels like I’d hit the mirrors all the time. My eyes got tired 2 minutes in 😂

  17. adrian armour

    adrian armourPřed dnem

    Sad news, what a great car the AMG GT R Pro is, don’t think i could let go, but i understand your discussion. Hope it goes to a good home.

  18. Bas Brinksma

    Bas BrinksmaPřed dnem

    At 350 kW charging speed, do you know what voltage and ampère it charges? Seems like an awful lot! But this seems to be the future of EV's! Exciting to see.

  19. Zac Tan

    Zac TanPřed dnem

    Its making 50nm more than M3 not 150nm.

  20. 金子肇

    金子肇Před dnem

    マフラーは三五です👍^ ^

  21. JoshTua

    JoshTuaPřed dnem

    Oh man I want one.

  22. Deniz T.

    Deniz T.Před dnem

    anyone know what watch he’s wearing?

  23. Alex Lambert

    Alex LambertPřed dnem

    I must admit I do like the pro a lot but I’m glad to see it go and hopefully some more older cars will come in with the pro going.

  24. Deniz T.

    Deniz T.Před dnem

    A sl 65 black series would be sooooooooooooo mad in your garage 😍😍

  25. Jeremy 04

    Jeremy 04Před dnem

    It's good to see thus guy win, his consistency in hard work for years is paying off!

  26. EJ Russell

    EJ RussellPřed dnem

    Sad to see it go. Such a beautiful machine.

  27. Bad Habits

    Bad HabitsPřed dnem

    I'm sure it would negatively affect track performance and may even be impossible due to the way ford designed the car but imagine how close this race would be if they opted for a v8 in the gt.

  28. David Gottfried

    David GottfriedPřed dnem

    Nice swatch!

  29. Chutney

    ChutneyPřed dnem

    I'll give you £20 for it.

  30. PyroMotteFullHD

    PyroMotteFullHDPřed dnem

    It´s a pity. You have to many cars :-)))

  31. PyroMotteFullHD

    PyroMotteFullHDPřed dnem

    Gratulation. So nice car!

  32. waleed hassan

    waleed hassanPřed dnem

    Can’t you sweep your foot under the rear bumper to open the boot ????

  33. waleed hassan

    waleed hassanPřed dnem

    We still haven’t seen your sister driving one of your cars shmee yet ??????

  34. Ace.

    Ace.Před dnem

    Me: It can't be THAT loud, can it? Also me after I saw the video: my ears need mental help they have been traumatized.

  35. David Qoraj

    David QorajPřed dnem

    I knew it


    D SUMMERSPřed dnem

    Thanks for highlighting the issues over in the Nurburg region. Misha Charoudin and his crew have been total warriors battling on the front line to support badly affected families. I do hope that you can reach out further to your community to find a way to help. Thank you.

  37. milan stefanicka

    milan stefanickaPřed dnem

    You should buy SL 65 black series. It's the only one black series with V12 engine. Some special ar to your museum 🙂

  38. Cdxst

    CdxstPřed dnem

    I'll own it one day

  39. Cdxst

    CdxstPřed dnem

    My dream car

  40. Tom Condron

    Tom CondronPřed dnem

    Wow that 2 years has flew

  41. Valter Rodrigues l

    Valter Rodrigues lPřed dnem

    give me your zap for more information

  42. Flux Labs

    Flux LabsPřed dnem

    I picked up my Model Y Performance in June 2021 and the fit and finish from a quality perspective is excellent. Mine does not have the rear view mirror looseness as in this car. Also, panel gaps are very clean and consistent. I believe the quality is getting better if my car is any indication.

  43. Valter Rodrigues l

    Valter Rodrigues lPřed dnem

    give me your zap for more information

  44. Arthur

    ArthurPřed dnem

    He’s playing forza in real life

  45. Warren

    WarrenPřed dnem

    Which charger do you use for your EVs, Tim? You never seem to mention it...

  46. Russell

    RussellPřed dnem

    The charging problems you are experiencing is a Taycan problem that doesn't happen with a Tesla.

  47. talal almashaikhi

    talal almashaikhiPřed dnem

    It was obvious since start there was no love vibe on your side for it. Enjoy the rest of AMG's

  48. thomas H.

    thomas H.Před dnem

    Love the facts that you manage your car collection to have such a great variety of cars Also really like that you're talking not only about cars, but also automotive world and events like floods in Germany, and I hope you will #GetPüppiA911Targa 🤞

  49. chickentava

    chickentavaPřed dnem

    love RDB and vik but wtf he talking about it making 800 hp with exhaust and tune more like 650

  50. Bernard Baltazar

    Bernard BaltazarPřed dnem

    Oh my god! This is priced the same as Cayman! What is a Ferrari. If we're just going to talk about the looks, it's up there. (PS Nothing against Ferraris, Ferraris are beautiful that's why I compared the two.)

  51. tortugab

    tortugabPřed dnem


  52. Oh It's Just Nick

    Oh It's Just NickPřed dnem

    Hey Tim, what made you choose this over a CLK Black Series?

  53. Dylano Hanselaar

    Dylano HanselaarPřed dnem

    You need to buy a clk, sl65 and a SLK 55 black series

  54. rakan boumatar

    rakan boumatarPřed dnem

    Get an sl63

  55. Carl's Mod's & Class

    Carl's Mod's & ClassPřed dnem

    I preferred the AMG GTR that you had as it was natural sound rather than muted but I'm sad to see the Pro go as it 's an awesome car

  56. And im Kanye West

    And im Kanye WestPřed dnem

    When i bring my lvl 1 friend to my garage in gta 5

  57. rassta baboul

    rassta baboulPřed dnem

    The only one I would have kept , Bad choice sir !

  58. Sanish Lal Shrestha

    Sanish Lal ShresthaPřed dnem

    Actually devastated to see it leave☹️

  59. Oggi Style

    Oggi StylePřed dnem

    Supra pulls up “whats up guys going for race?”

  60. Thato Tee Mothibe

    Thato Tee MothibePřed dnem

    my fav car in your whole garage. so heart broken

  61. Sir Hatch

    Sir HatchPřed dnem

    For me you have to own the slr

  62. 1911doc

    1911docPřed dnem

    You really are shmee...

  63. The Infidel

    The InfidelPřed dnem

    The car Pro of all CSdesk

  64. Gracho DerUnwiderstehlichen

    Gracho DerUnwiderstehlichenPřed dnem

    ...and which Brand deliver the Powertrain ? GM-Vauxhall-Opel ?

  65. Devesh Murali

    Devesh MuraliPřed dnem

    Man is buying cars like groceries. Massive congrats Shmee.

  66. Nikolas Munro

    Nikolas MunroPřed dnem

    Yessssss. I love this car. It was sad seeing the other AMG go but man, the C class AMG is something different

  67. Helix

    HelixPřed dnem

    Sad to see the GT R Pro go. But I’m happy it got a proper send off! Some cars just disappear from your collection and I’m not the biggest fan of that

  68. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonPřed dnem

    Nice to see a video showing the realistic issues that can be faced with an EV car. With respects to the car, was the charging issue in the previous Taycan video ever diagnosed and/or explained by Tim? He might want to consider getting a different colour from green as it seems to be proving unlucky, with damaged bumper, cracked windscreen and charging port issues so far.

  69. NickBorlas

    NickBorlasPřed dnem

    Are they street legal

  70. A

    APřed dnem

    What an awsome machine congrats

  71. Peter H

    Peter HPřed dnem

    Maybe I missed it; but where is this car for sale?

  72. haziq ehsan

    haziq ehsanPřed dnem

    Endless money pit engine