My GT4 is Being TRANSFORMED! Teardown and First Purple Panels

It's happening, my Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 is transforming at Dub Customs! The car has been through a teardown to get everything ready for the Inozetek Midnight Purple and with the first panels underway, this is undoubtedly going to look awesome!

Thankfully, the dodgy PPF on the car has come away largely without issue and tidied up well in preparation for the wrap material to go down. It's initially a bit of a shock to see the car prepared for the work, but given the bright Carrara White paintwork this is vital to ensure the dark purple can be wrapped tightly into the edges and avoid the white showing through later.

The Inozetek Midnight Purple is going to suit the shape of the GT4 very well; similarly to the Inozetek Midnight Green featuring on my Porsche Taycan. The material is a particularly high gloss, metallic finish, and looks exceptionally close to paint! Adding the RSNV wing risers in the matching Aurum Gold to the car's factory wheels makes for the icing on an incredible cake, now just some patience to see the finished result!

A special thanks to Inozetek for providing the Midnight Purple for the GT4:

And to RSNV for the bespoke Aurum Gold GT4 Wing Risers that add to the look and give it more presence using the original wing mounting points:

Of course also to the great guys at Dub Customs for their work:

Don't forget to check out the new Cheers designs too:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:55 GT4 Progress
03:10 Wrap Sample
03:32 Wing Removal
04:20 Teardown
06:50 Wrap Begins
09:01 Masking
11:00 Quick Progress
12:48 Wing Installation
15:04 Wrap Up

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