What I Really Think About My Shelby GT500 After 6,000 Miles!?

My Shelby GT500 is only a month old but already has 6,000 miles on the clock! Driving coast to coast was quite the adventure but now it's time to prepare it for things ahead, including some new tires (too much fun along the way...) and a track alignment at FSE LA.
Having had fun with Line Lock, some donuts and more misbehaviour during the Where's Shmee: US Edition tour, the rear tires had certainly seen better days. No worries though, preparing in advance, the team at FSE LA have a new set ready to be mounted up onto the carbon fibre wheels, along with putting the car through a full alignment to read out how it has been provided from factory and set it up slightly more aggressively for an upcoming trackday.
We're joined at FSE LA by @Joseph Gatt and his modified satin blue GT500, featuring numerous carbon fibre parts and a Borla exhaust system, as well as @Speed Phenom and his new 600LT which replaced his previous GT500.
After getting all the work carried out, let's run over some of the pros and cons of the GT500 now that I've become fairly accustomed to it having spent quite so much time at the wheel including a top speed run, drag races, and using it as a full grand tourer too.
Thanks to FSE LA for all of their help and hospitality looking after my car!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:12 Joined by Joe
02:31 To the Workshop
03:44 New tires
05:09 Speed Phenom's 600LT
06:48 Carbon wheels
07:33 Alignment process
08:21 Joe Gatt's GT500
13:10 Alignment results
15:48 GT500 Review
20:11 Wrap-up
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  1. Shmee150

    Shmee150Před měsícem

    The miles have been clocking up fast! My GT500 is now at about 6,000 miles in only a month since picking it up from PPF, but no surprises... the rear tires are gone and need changing. I mean, that's not really a surprise with this car is it?!

  2. GT Mike91

    GT Mike91Před měsícem

    @Thomas Mackerley Definitely does and because of the fact that Shelbys aren’t popular in Europe would make things complicated especially with Ford Dealerships. No one there is going to know how to fix a Shelby Mustang properly unless they import Shelbys and consistently work on them.

  3. Thomas Mackerley

    Thomas MackerleyPřed měsícem

    @GT Mike91 thats what I was asking about. There should still be a warranty on it. I could see having to pay the shipping costs on parts. But then again after reflection, they have special Shelby technicians at certain dealers. To do something Shelby specific, he would have to ship it back to the US. And probably due to manufacturers these days, everything is Shelby specific. And yea, 6k miles a month is a lot. I once did 15-17k in 3 months and I was in the car basically ALL THE TIME, like 4-5 hrs a day. I’d take one 50 mile trip 2-3X day. It adds up quick

  4. GT Mike91

    GT Mike91Před měsícem

    @Thomas Mackerley Because his car isn’t sold in the UK? I’m pretty sure Shelbys aren’t sold globally. Even if they were they aren’t anywhere near regular GT numbers at all.

  5. GT Mike91

    GT Mike91Před měsícem

    @Cristobal romero 6,000 miles in one month is not low the fuck are you talking about? Most people do roughly 1,000 miles a month and that’s just daily commute. He did 6 times that...

  6. Thomas Mackerley

    Thomas MackerleyPřed měsícem

    Good sir, if you could please explain the warranty situation. Why would it not be covered no matter where you take it? As long as it’s not modified, the warranty should be active. I can understand paying some shipping for parts to the UK, but that shouldn’t change warranty terms

  7. James Hill

    James HillPřed 7 dny

    Right Said Fred..

  8. DieNasty King

    DieNasty KingPřed 13 dny

    Bruh idk his name but this Speed Phenom dude seems like such a genuine and nice person

  9. Charles Alden

    Charles AldenPřed 18 dny

    The guy with the blue 500 is a really cool actor, he always plays the methodical bad guy who can't be beat.

  10. Darryl Curran

    Darryl CurranPřed měsícem

    NO warranty once its back in Europe, more reason to modify it :)

  11. Jerald Lifsey

    Jerald LifseyPřed měsícem

    I guess England doesn't have "the 25 year requirement" to bring a non-UK car?

  12. Jerald Lifsey

    Jerald LifseyPřed měsícem

    How did you get FL plates if you don't have a FL DL and/or a FL proof of residence?

  13. Alec Day

    Alec DayPřed měsícem

    5787.3 miles is 9313.8 kilometers for those of you who live in the EU and anywhere else that uses the metric system around the globe.

  14. Alex Ortner

    Alex OrtnerPřed měsícem

    Toe out on the track is fine but it will wear out your front tires really fast and causes the car to dart around on poor roads.

  15. Mikael Gaspar

    Mikael GasparPřed měsícem

    Great car i just don´t like the color!

  16. iTz HULK

    iTz HULKPřed měsícem


  17. beingmyself000

    beingmyself000Před měsícem

    Definitely the GT500 over the GTR. This thing is bad@$$

  18. Robert VanZant

    Robert VanZantPřed měsícem


  19. Galvatron

    GalvatronPřed měsícem

    Best Mustang I've ever seen and probably one of my fav cars in Tim's collection.

  20. Daniel S

    Daniel SPřed měsícem

    living the dream. I'd like to take a road trip cross country someday

  21. Jerald Lifsey

    Jerald LifseyPřed měsícem

    How about shipping the Mustang to Cape Town, South Africa and driving the 13,142 km to London? That would be interesting video content.

  22. Star Sticker

    Star StickerPřed měsícem

    Corbin freaking fiber

  23. battycowboy

    battycowboyPřed měsícem

    Like Joe he looks like a cheap version of Dwayne Johnson .

  24. Brad patterson

    Brad pattersonPřed měsícem

    Lol us ls drivers still gigggle at you like its a suzuki swift. Stock ls will eat you "my baby pony "every day of the week. Everyminute of the day. Every second of the minute. Every sub second of a second. Ls the world dud. Such a shame you where introduced to a v8 by britts. You guyss have no idea about an engine. A v8 is 2 of your enginesbolted toggether for torque

  25. Me.Grazzhoppah

    Me.GrazzhoppahPřed měsícem

    Damn, I just remembered where I have seen Joseph before The Albino from Banshee!

  26. Chucky Levesque

    Chucky LevesquePřed měsícem

    I want one to bad I can't even afford a new GT.

  27. M Mahtnart

    M MahtnartPřed měsícem

    Your friend looks odd. Completely hairless, it looks like.

  28. M Mahtnart

    M MahtnartPřed měsícem

    @Joseph Gatt Looks like you spend some time in the gym. Thought you might body shave. I understand brother.

  29. Joseph Gatt

    Joseph GattPřed měsícem

    I have a condition called "Alopecia."

  30. M Mahtnart

    M MahtnartPřed měsícem

    Why do Brits pronounce "Z" as "ZED"?

  31. Uno calina

    Uno calinaPřed měsícem

    Hey shmee your friend joe looks like the rock johnson 😂

  32. yaniolek S

    yaniolek SPřed měsícem

    Ford 🥇

  33. Karen Atchison

    Karen AtchisonPřed měsícem

    Shame why does your car have Florida tags? I have driven a car from Germany on German tags in the USA thus the question. That was prior to getting it the permanent tags for my home state....

  34. Richard H

    Richard HPřed měsícem

    Tell me about your car when you hit 30,000 miles or more.

  35. mechanical music

    mechanical musicPřed měsícem

    are you sure that's not mr clean?

  36. Roger Rolex 69

    Roger Rolex 69Před měsícem

    The kid who can’t afford gas for his cars excuses what a poser 🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. A.J. W.

    A.J. W.Před měsícem

    Tim so excited about the Corvette and Urus, but no mention of the WRX?! :)

  38. Rob B

    Rob BPřed měsícem

    I almost feel like the owner of the GT500 defected. I once witnessed an H2 on a visit back to the UK 🤭 To each their own.

  39. Guy Pascua

    Guy PascuaPřed měsícem

    Joe Gatt is a beast! Looking forward to you taking it onto the Green Hell. Thank you for the ride along!

  40. Kunal Patel

    Kunal PatelPřed měsícem

    Mr. Clean sure as hell got a nice GT500

  41. arnoldchr

    arnoldchrPřed měsícem

    The trunk piece and the cobras in carbon fiber would be pretty cool too! Don’t know if that exist or not though

  42. Adam R

    Adam RPřed měsícem

    send it to the crusher

  43. Peter Mackenzie

    Peter MackenziePřed měsícem

    awful lot of McLaren's in the garage for repairs.

  44. Sean Leslie

    Sean LesliePřed měsícem

    Where was the gt400?

  45. M. Sami

    M. SamiPřed měsícem

    How can you afford to drive it in the UK? I thought mustangs don't meet the UK emission standards?

  46. MrDuckie228

    MrDuckie228Před měsícem

    Im happy to see that you really DRIVE the car. Such a beast that deserves the miles

  47. spilot101

    spilot101Před měsícem

    Damn, I thought Joe was a cardboard cutout for a second

  48. Joseph Gatt

    Joseph GattPřed měsícem


  49. Sabri -

    Sabri -Před měsícem

    Great effort Tim, congragulations, and thanks.

  50. John R B

    John R BPřed měsícem

    You just got this car?

  51. Roberto Stanley

    Roberto StanleyPřed měsícem

    Joe looks surprisingly similar to vision

  52. michael galloway

    michael gallowayPřed měsícem

    Hey that guys in a lot of movies lol

  53. Clif Bradley

    Clif BradleyPřed měsícem

    Tim's girlfriend drives that car like she's on the Nurburgring every time

  54. SirPlsCalmDown

    SirPlsCalmDownPřed měsícem

    The sound of that door @2:08

  55. Tim W

    Tim WPřed měsícem

    Shmee, you still owe him a 10 second car..

  56. joaoaoj100

    joaoaoj100Před měsícem

    I'd love to see shmee with adam lz

  57. Paymahn Amirgholi

    Paymahn AmirgholiPřed měsícem

    I love this car. If it came with a 6 speed manual It would be in my garage. I may get one anyway. Too awesome

  58. JoeMaters

    JoeMatersPřed měsícem

    In case no one knew, Joe Gatt is an actor from UK. Some of the movies, tv series and games he have appeared or voiced are Dumbo, Star Trek into the darkness,, Game of thrones as a frost, Star Wars The old Republic as Sith Lord Scourge,, The 100, Banshee, Z-Nation, The Elder Scrolls, and many more...

  59. ej domingo

    ej domingoPřed měsícem

    New tires at 6k miles?!!

  60. Otis Horne

    Otis HornePřed měsícem

    you sooo need the carbon upgrade he made

  61. Rob A

    Rob APřed měsícem

    Great video and good to see 6000 miles done. I know you are in America but you are as English as roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, we say 'TYRES' not tires lol

  62. SavageBillahx2

    SavageBillahx2Před měsícem

    I honestly can't believe how long I have been subscribed to this channel. It is cool to see you in the US having some fun

  63. Thechain Golfer

    Thechain GolferPřed měsícem

    That guy is massive 😂

  64. maria Coeto

    maria CoetoPřed měsícem

    What is the HP on this car. What is the engine on this car its 5.0 engine

  65. Graeme Krone

    Graeme KronePřed měsícem

    Hi Tim, love your channel! Thank you for all your excellent videos! One thing you didn't mention was highway gas mileage. We all know that 500's get terrible city mileage. I haven't heard what highway mileage is....Care to comment?

  66. Gopaul Salick

    Gopaul SalickPřed měsícem

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  67. J Bettis

    J BettisPřed měsícem

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  68. Turbocharged Snickers

    Turbocharged SnickersPřed měsícem

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    George PomonisPřed měsícem

    If possible maybe u could get in converted to right hand drive

  71. Eugene Ndungu

    Eugene NdunguPřed měsícem

    The car hasn't skipped a beat😅😅😅😅😅wat do you expect it's a Ford (built tough) 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  72. tubejorrit

    tubejorritPřed měsícem

    So strabge to see Joseph as a "normal" person istead of a white walker/skin head/frost giant :P He's a great guy and actor!

  73. Van Life 303 Travel's & Adventure

    Van Life 303 Travel's & AdventurePřed měsícem

    I liked your videos and content untill you forced purchasing your advertising and marketing material via algorithms.... basically you interrupt all your streams and all your work with trying to get people to buy your stuff.... Think things through a little more..... been watching you for 6 months it's been great until the last couple weeks massive advertising and marketing.... You just went from being a cool car guy to just another capitalist....

  74. Heath Wirt

    Heath WirtPřed měsícem

    Very interesting video Shmee150, good to see you enjoying the GT500 and life in general.

  75. Magneto One

    Magneto OnePřed měsícem

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  76. Dave Larose

    Dave LarosePřed měsícem

    JG seems like such a nice guy.

  77. Tee

    TeePřed měsícem

    Only thing i hate about the mustang and any US sport cars that the exhausts are so idiotically loud for mo reason but they are still nice looking cars.

  78. Mădălin

    MădălinPřed měsícem

    8:24 Albino from Banshee series. damn i didn't expected that

  79. Money Boy

    Money BoyPřed měsícem

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    Christopher PettwayPřed měsícem

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  82. The Antler

    The AntlerPřed měsícem

    Hey, do you have a map of the route you drove? would be cool!

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    Daniel PPřed měsícem

    Needs to be a manual

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    JavongoghPřed měsícem

    The GT500 is now my second favorite in you garage @Shmee

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    Al BundyPřed měsícem

    Joe Gatt, the coolest English baldy in America.

  86. Aleksei Kunchenko

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    Scott EverettPřed měsícem

    Almost had a hernia taking my base rims/tires off to ceramic. Those carbon rims are featherweight!

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    Jerad PierrePřed měsícem


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    Rj NationPřed měsícem

    Congratulations Tim, it's been a pleasure to watch you take the GT 500 across the country, Rj in Oz

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    j WalsterPřed měsícem

    But can it drift?

  91. Ceasar Blackman

    Ceasar BlackmanPřed měsícem

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  92. C J

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    Speed phenom is Shmee's son

  93. W

    WPřed měsícem

    Interested to hear your driving impressions with the new alignment.

  94. Princess Peach

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    Mayukh SharmaPřed měsícem

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