My Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 wrap is complete! The Inozetek Midnight Purple with the Aurum Gold wheels, RSNV wing risers and badges has turned out perfectly. Dub Customs have nailed the job to make this the best looking GT4 I've ever seen!

I bought my GT4 at the start with the intention to wrap it in purple and gold, in fact I chose the colours before even finding the right car for the purpose. However, when the right used car came up for sale I jumped at the opportunity and have always been looking forward to getting this job complete. Simultaneously, my friends at Dub Customs have moved to a new home which is currently undergoing full restoration to make their dream workshop setup, for which I could not be more excited for them, so it's a great thanks that they managed to get this done.

The specific colour of choice, is the Inozetek Midnight Purple, a matched pair effectively with my Taycan in Inozetek Midnight Green, and in this case finished off with the factory painted Aurum Gold wheels and now the added bonus of the RSNV wing risers that are anodised to match.

Colours and appearance are all of personal opinion; some like a full blacked out car, others might have a particular colour they will always choose, but for me it's all about finding a strong shade or combo that will suit the car and make it unique, and this is something you see across the Shmeemobiles in my collection. For the 718 GT4, the result could not have turned out better for me; the combination of colours suiting the car perfectly and absolutely as I had imagined it to look.

A special thanks to Inozetek for providing the Midnight Purple for the GT4:

And to RSNV for the bespoke Aurum Gold GT4 Wing Risers that add to the look and give it more presence using the original wing mounting points:

Of course also to the great guys at Dub Customs for their work:

Don't forget to check out the new Cheers designs too:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:42 Plan for the Day
01:36 GR Yaris Ride
02:09 Clio Wreck
02:55 Purple Reveal
04:44 Sunshine
05:55 GT4 Drive
08:57 Storage
09:39 GT R Pro Plans
13:15 GT4 Lanes
17:15 Back at Base
18:43 Wrap Up

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