THE SURPRISING COSTS OF AN EV! My Porsche Taycan Experience So Far

The world of EVs brings plenty of pros, and some cons, but what's it like in terms of costs? Join me for an update after 2,000 miles with my Porsche Taycan Turbo S, to compare in detail to my Porsche Cayman GT4 and previous Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12... it's surprising!

I bought my Porsche Taycan to try out the EV world and get a real experience for what it's like; plenty of which has been good and some of which has been stressful. However, after 2,000 miles it's time to dig into some of the costs and how they compare to a combustion engine.

Generally out of London and with time to spare, the charging experience are easy enough to work out, and more specifically find out where to avoid, however in the city centre it really is not very good at all if you don't have any ability to directly charge at home. Thankfully this problem is soon to be off my agenda with the imminent reveal of The Shmuseum, however with the car down to just 20% in my garage, the first port of call is to get it charged up.

In the last few weeks I've had both a 250 mile journey with two fast charges that were super smooth, and I've seen more than enough chargers out of service, including a Tesla Supercharger - which unfortunately shows it happens to everyone. There are plenty of positives, but clearly there's also a lot more that needs to be done to make it work for everyone, and that's before considering the detailed implications of how closely it matches in price to a flagship V12 powered Ferrari to actually run; before the inevitable chargers are introduced to make up for missing fuel income.

There isn't all that long to go before the entire industry will move electric, and it will be fascinating still to see how it evolves.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:07 Home Charging?
02:52 EV Problems
03:32 Backup Plans
06:17 Let's Go
09:20 Charge Time
10:48 We can charge
13:23 Charging cost!
20:26 35 Minutes Later
22:09 Charging Recap
23:26 Let's talk TESLA
26:21 Conclusion

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  1. Shmee150

    Shmee150Před měsícem

    The EV ownership experience is certainly an interesting one; there are plenty of positives, but too many stressful experiences. Now though, after covering 2,000 miles in my Taycan Turbo S, I want to dig a bit more into some of the costs and actual numbers compared to the GT4 and my previous GTC4Lusso. What do you think, are they a surprise?

  2. MrSuperlollo

    MrSuperlolloPřed 21 dnem

    Charging is much easier with a Tesla. Just saying

  3. dsmluck

    dsmluckPřed 21 dnem

    @Anastasios Constantinidis Not if you have access to Tesla's infastructure.

  4. Charlzhen

    CharlzhenPřed 25 dny

    Having driven over 60,000miles in EVs during the last 5 years ish I see you problem. My first EV was the Kia Soul EV, wich gave me a range of 100 miles on a sunny summer day (in winter sometimes as low as 50 miles range), we had a lot of problems with fast chargers.. Still we drove that car over 30,000miles.. After changing to a Kia eNiro with a range of 280ish miles in summer(in winter 188miles) our charge problems disappeared. Mostly because we didn't have to visit fast chargers anymore... A home charger is a must to have a stress free EV day. You start every day with a full tank, and unless you drive more than 250miles daily EVs are the way to go...

  5. David Chow

    David ChowPřed 28 dny

    Out of interest why didn't you go to Porsche Centre West who has two rapid chargers down the road from BP Hammersmith at Chiswick?

  6. StepBro

    StepBroPřed měsícem

    @24K - J You wanna quantify that that NO. ?

  7. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonPřed dnem

    Nice to see a video showing the realistic issues that can be faced with an EV car. With respects to the car, was the charging issue in the previous Taycan video ever diagnosed and/or explained by Tim? He might want to consider getting a different colour from green as it seems to be proving unlucky, with damaged bumper, cracked windscreen and charging port issues so far.

  8. Luca Peverelli

    Luca PeverelliPřed 3 dny

    Seen you driving this today in the Kilburn area. Love the alloys!

  9. Tillsbury Gromit

    Tillsbury GromitPřed 5 dny

    You should correct the title of this video to clarify you're talking only about non-tesla EVs. But I guess then you would also need to remove the word "surprising" as well.

  10. Geoff Saunders

    Geoff SaundersPřed 5 dny

    Shows how motor industry is careering up a dead-end with paid for politicians doing their work for them. Hydrogen is the answer. It is much much cheaper and easier and removes every problem shown so far.

  11. Lalo Ajuria

    Lalo AjuriaPřed 5 dny

    we need competition. to avoid these problems, buy a tesla. until then, its the early adopter tax.

  12. Parax77

    Parax77Před 5 dny

    Public Infra sucks.. I know you are not a fan but please get a Plaid Model S for just 3 Months.. so you can do an infrastructure comparisons video..

  13. Paul Greenwood

    Paul GreenwoodPřed 5 dny

    I was expecting an explanation of the failure to charge at the Ionity charges in his last Taycan video but not given.

  14. Wolf Man

    Wolf ManPřed 6 dny

    Remind me of all of the advantages of EV technology? Convenience cannot be one of them.

  15. bnkwupt

    bnkwuptPřed 6 dny

    Tesla owner, here. Not feeling smug about the situation - however, very disappointed at the charging situation other EV owners are facing. This 3rd party charging situation is a total mess and it's frustrating for EV owners making EVs look bad to the general public. Supercharger pricing is easily viewable on a Tesla's navigation screen. Touch any Supercharger location in the world and it will give you the price. I'm hopeful that EV ownership gets easier for everyone, especially those in cities who don't have access to home charging.

  16. Erling Ervik

    Erling ErvikPřed 6 dny

    Maybe you should sell your curent car, and buy a Tesla? Then you will understand the benefits of having an electric car. (BTW why is a turbo needed on an electic car?)

  17. Dennis Stephan

    Dennis StephanPřed 6 dny

    Here’s are some interesting facts: Total fuel consumption of U.S. airlines is approximately 19 billion gallons annually. Total fuel consumption for mining Ore for construction of electric car batteries is approximately 21 billion gallons annually. The 21 billion gallons of fuel burned can only produce enough Ore to build 250,000 electric car batteries. The lifespan of an electric battery is 10 years and is not renewable. By 2050 these batteries will fill landfills with 50 million pounds of waste that does not break down. I wonder if people would still believe in electric power cars, vehicles or equipment if they knew how massive the carbon emissions footprint really was?

  18. Caves 1-2-3

    Caves 1-2-3Před 7 dny

    Not for me I pass freaking scary!! I get paranoid when my phone charge is below 50%. I am a driver love long distance Gran Tourismo lifestyle not finding juice spot freaked me out!!

  19. Edgar Pinheiro

    Edgar PinheiroPřed 7 dny

    It only makes sense to own a EV now if you can charge it at home.

  20. Ali K Alkhalifa

    Ali K AlkhalifaPřed 7 dny

    Its not "EV Life" for the ones that Charge at Home 😊

  21. paul mac

    paul macPřed 7 dny

    Great vlog.

  22. supaahflyy

    supaahflyyPřed 8 dny

    Tbh if you go in thinking driving an EV is the same as driving a petrol car youre going to be in for a shock. And that is ENTIRELY on you. This is a different way to live. Meaning, you dont go to charging stations unless you're road tripping. 99% of the time you should be charging your car overnight when you are sleeping. This requires installing a charger at home. Literally think of your EV like your phone. You wouldnt leave your home in the morning with your Mobile Phone on 15% charge would you? Neither should you leave your car. The above is all assuming you're in a position to have a charger installed at home. For those in apartments or without a driveway/garage. Then that is a problem. That is when you need the government to install chargers on the street and this becomes an infrastructure problem ALSO, not to beat a dead horse, The EV experience is best felt with a Tesla. None of those problems of non working chargers and not knowing if they are in operation before getting there is an EVERY OTHER MANUFACTURER problem. Tesla cars tell you in advance where to travel to, what charge you will arrive there at, how long you need to charge for before you can leave, how many chargers are available in real time, how many are out of service (hardly any, ever). You may not like their cars for whatever reason and that is ok, but you can not deny they have by far the best user experience there is and it isnt even close at all. In terms of the fast charging experience, i will sound annoying at this stage and for that i do apologise, Tesla's tell you in the car before going to a faster charger, how many fast charging stalls their supercharger has, how many are free in real time. So you would never go to one where you are guessing if any are free or not. What you showed with you having to queue for a charger, then i would have never bought an Electric car if i had to do that. What you're experiencing is the worst possible EV experience and this is all down to other car brands not investing anything into charging. Zilch, nada. Remember you are buying a User Experience. The vehicle you choose is only 1 part that makes up the User Experience. Id love to have a meeting with Tim and try and alleviate so many of his questions and grievances here so he can make a new video with his experience with more knowledge and experience

  23. Lean 2200

    Lean 2200Před 9 dny

    this is the reason im selling my tesla im just too busy to put with the cons of evs waiting at the charging station is the biggest turn off, not to mention the cost to switch over is not worth it for the average joe, and also what happens if they start increasing the rates for charging like they do with fuel. tbh switching to electric vehicles is just stupid unless you find an EV for less than 30k.

  24. Psyman Tronic

    Psyman TronicPřed 9 dny

    What about battery deterioration, if you're not fully charging and draining surely battery efficiency wil be quickly degraded?

  25. Chris-R

    Chris-RPřed 9 dny

    0:01 dat e46 m3 tho

  26. Jason Burgess

    Jason BurgessPřed 10 dny

    I currently own a diesel car (which I intend to upgrade soon) and pay around 1.30 per litre, which gives me 10 miles of range. A Tesla or an EV similar to the car I currently drive would give around 3-5 miles per kilowatt on average, so paying 25p-70p a kWh at a public charger would cost 50p to over 2.00 for the same range. I'm in Norwich (left London in 2002) and I couldn't have a home charger as I live in a terrace. Gridserve are coming to Norwich later this year, but the costs are something I do like to compare.

  27. John

    JohnPřed 11 dny

    Great rundown of the pitfalls of ownership, these are the reasons that I will need to be dragged kicking and screaming from my petrol car. The EV cost advantages will definitely vanish when the government loses all the revenue on fuel. There will be a shortage on the rare metals required to make the batteries unless technology removes the reliance on them. The EV infrastructure issue will only get worse, when all the world and his wife has one and needs to charge. There will have to be a massive number of charging points to make it workable and they will need to be reliable. This is the UK, I bet Shmees experience of hardly any points working will remain the norm. I have watched a Harry Metcalf video when he visited JCB and they have hydrogen powered combustion engines running that would just require a cylinder head change to convert from petrol to liquid hydrogen which just puts out water vapour through the exhaust. I could see this as a way forward that could sidestep the EV nightmare.

  28. Peter Hammer

    Peter HammerPřed 11 dny

    We pay in our region 0,10 eur per kWh at home, which is about 20% of fuel prices. So EV:s are miles cheaper to use here.

  29. Peter Hammer

    Peter HammerPřed 11 dny

    I get 480-495 km with my Taycan 4S. Thats a solid 300 miles.

  30. paul kelly

    paul kellyPřed 12 dny

    Your point about the throughput capacity of a traditional gas station vs a charging station is very valid. 5 minutes at a gas station vs 45 minutes at fast charger.... so you would need 9 times as many charging stations as gas stations... I know that the idea is to charge off hours at home, so the reality is unknown, but as EV cars become more common, charging station backups will have people swapping back to gas!

  31. Gary Dixon

    Gary DixonPřed 12 dny

    You need a new windscreen

  32. Volker Hett

    Volker HettPřed 12 dny

    Back when Bertha Benz (she invented the braking pads!) went on a 62 mile joyride with the car her husband invented August 1888, she had to buy gasoline at pharmacies since there where noch gas stations at the roads. Things changed fast after that 😀

  33. DonkeyOtee22

    DonkeyOtee22Před 13 dny

    The number of adds i had to watch whilst watching this almost made me stop watching , things are getting pretty ridiculous here on youtube - adds adds adds.

  34. Ystebad VonSchlegel

    Ystebad VonSchlegelPřed 13 dny

    Owning an EV if you cannot charge at home is, how should I say it, silly.

  35. H3liosphan

    H3liosphanPřed 13 dny

    Oh and those quoted prices I'm sure are accurate in London, usual South East living tax. They are NOT typical across the board. Due to the way I set this up, over 2 years I've not spent more than £30. In TOTAL. Free super charging, free charging at work, free Tesco charging, and 16p / KWh for on- Street charging near me. Yes most options are super slow charge rates but that suits me just fine. I've had terrible experience with all your traditional petrol station charge points so I steer clear of them. Yes the UK govt will thrape usEV users in future unfortunately, and charge points need to become MUCH more ubiquitous in future for charging headaches not to become a thing. Who knows?

  36. H3liosphan

    H3liosphanPřed 13 dny

    Refreshing to hear a petrolhead stick it to the die-hard morons who 'need' an internal combustion engine, for whatever reason. Your're right about the infrastructure not being here and ready yet, and I didn't know the situation was already this bad in London, but being an EV owner outside of London is, thankfully, for the time being at least, much easier. And Shell, BP, even PodPoint (free in Tesco) have failures often. Inexcusable at this point given EV uptake. I'd even dare to say the situation in Birmingham appears better than London right now.

  37. Bramble Farmer

    Bramble FarmerPřed 13 dny

    Not ready to join the EV-Angelical movement yet. It makes sense that Government charges for EV charging will maintain parity with current Petrol taxation to maintain its coffers when EV is mandatory.

  38. Christopher Stubbs

    Christopher StubbsPřed 13 dny

    Having looked at the numbers, not only do public chargers cost just as much if not more than petrol, I'm pretty sure that the claims over EV cost also ignore the extra retail cost premium on the more 'everyday' cars. Unless there is an exponential increase in charging infrastructure over the next few years, look for a massive spike in the used ICE car market towards the end of the decade.

  39. E EI

    E EIPřed 13 dny

    Great explanation video. Add the batt degradation to the ecuation... the future: increasing EVs charging price, electric grid capacity must be increased, imagine that all the neighbors of a block of flats starts charging their car at night at the same time... you need a "nuclear power plant" near your house. I see many shadows in this EVs future with governments pushing ahead with their electrical lobbies. Great vid!

  40. Callum Wilson

    Callum WilsonPřed 13 dny

    It needs governmental intervention, here in Stirling (popn: 48,000) there are around 80 public chargers of which about a third are more than 50kw. Nearly every town and village in Scotland has chargers, many of them are free.

  41. Graham Barker

    Graham BarkerPřed 13 dny

    no wasted time.....nice one wants to sit in a garage for it on a pizz poor winters day, bet youll be saying something for the youre down to nearly zero and you cant charge your car....meantime my petrol car virtually down to zero, pull in to garage, five mins im an ev....lmao....

  42. Graham Barker

    Graham BarkerPřed 13 dny

    pizz poor parking....cant even get it in the parking bay....guess youre hoping no one takes the space next door....or did you take it so you can show off your poor driving skills....

  43. Lee

    LeePřed 14 dny

    lol at the guy looking at shmee at 18:14

  44. Micheal Ukrainetz

    Micheal UkrainetzPřed 14 dny

    North western Canadian. They're pushing folks off of all fuel here including home heating and EV. They want 1500 homes off fuel heating and upwards of 10000 EVs by 2030. To date in the capital where I live you can count on both hands the number of full electric and hybrid vehicles. Only need one hand for the number of charging stations. Over the past few years, 2019 being the worst, our grid typically runs at or near capacity and propane backup generation is used. The big push for electric conversion took place 2018 - 2019. 2019-2020 our electricity rates increased 20%. While in some areas (cities along mid / southern) Canada rolling this out slowly seems reasonable until tech catches up. Forcing everyone in all instances into this is crazy. Not an electric hater, I had intended to purchase a Rivian and invested in Atlis. This info is great and provides some realistic food for thought.

  45. alan rickett

    alan rickettPřed 14 dny

    Location location location the estate agents BS. Garage/parking and garden are important

  46. Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    Dragon Slayer OrnsteinPřed 15 dny

    I wanna know how you put a turbo on a EV...

  47. huepix

    huepixPřed 15 dny

    With all the (often superfluous) electronic wizardry in these new EVs, I'm amazed there isn't an on board connection to the charging network to tell the driver the nearest charge station, what's available, possibly even book a charge.

  48. B P

    B PPřed 15 dny

    Wait: Electric isn't cheaper than LPG?

  49. B P

    B PPřed 15 dny

    Just get yourself a Honda petrol generator. Problem sorted.

  50. Peter Richardson

    Peter RichardsonPřed 15 dny

    Simple, don’t buy one until there are more chargers available. I would only buy an EV for short journeys and always charge it at home. I have an electric motorbike and its brilliant for journeys near home. If I went touring with it, I would be certifiable.

  51. Eurico KyuubiPT

    Eurico KyuubiPTPřed 15 dny

    this Car should be charging just by getting Sun Light (solar roof and hood) it should and could charge any time the wheels move (alternator tec) its like a bird in a cage , they think the ppl dont have the brains to put these tecnologies together , they are wrong.

  52. C Q

    C QPřed 15 dny

    Spending six figures on a car you can't charge at home and then moaning about it.... Equivalent to buying a new surfboard and getting pissed because you live in Colorado.

  53. Pauly Flyer

    Pauly FlyerPřed 15 dny

    Hydrogen is the way forward for most of us.

  54. D W

    D WPřed 16 dny

    What's the color of your Taycan, Aventurine Green Metallic?

  55. Mark Walding

    Mark WaldingPřed 16 dny

    Imagine the queues when we've all got one

  56. Martin Donat

    Martin DonatPřed 16 dny

    its sad that the infrastructure laks behind the car development

  57. N Y

    N YPřed 17 dny

    Nice evaluation, exactly right. Charging at home will be much better though it will be limited to max 11 kWh standard on the Turbo S, so a full recharge will take 9 hours. (that is if you can bring 11 kWh to the socket, so you will need to have a 3phase 16 amps power set up at your home. If you have opted for the 22 kWh onboard converter you can half that time but you need your home to have 3 phase 32 amps which very few will have and they actually need even more if they want to have the fridge and lights working at the same time. The actual grid challenge is much more complex than putting up extra charging stalls if we aspire to have the entire car fleet go EV to save the planet. You have to dive into your national statistics and retrieve how much peta joules of fossil is currently burnt on cars each year and than make the calculation how to replace that with electricity and distribute nationwide in a truly sustainable way. Probably the entire UK will need to be re-wired 😅

  58. thecraggrat

    thecraggratPřed 17 dny

    The big question is, who is going to pay for the infrastructure? More grid capacity needed to move power around, more generating capacity needed to provide the power, more charging points are required x charging factor vs petrol filling with petrol = 5ish mins, filling with charge = ~30mins±, hence 6x the charging points needed to manage the demand (ie no long queues..). Gonna be interesting :-)

  59. Matt Harper

    Matt HarperPřed 18 dny

    Battery EV can't sale to 100% of cars. Hydrogen fuel cells can. At least in the US, there's no chance that the infrastructure changes needed will support anywhere near close to 100% BEV, much less 20%.

  60. John Russell

    John RussellPřed 18 dny

    Your costs horrify me. We've had our BMW i3 for 2 years now and have never charged except at home. We programme it to charge between midnight and seven am, and it costs, at economy seven rates, £2.50 for a battery full. A full charge gives us about 170 miles. We've only had one service so far, when they changed the pollen filter and filled up the washer battle. Brakes should be good for 80,000 miles as they're only used very occasionally.

  61. Sam Jep

    Sam JepPřed 18 dny

    I am dreading the day petrol is redundant...

  62. Onyourbiketoo

    OnyourbiketooPřed 18 dny

    new here .. why on earth do you live in central london when you have so many cars and your 'job' is going out and traveling. Move 45 mins West of LHR or South West to be slightly closer to Euro Tunnel in a property with a barn that you can convert into a storage !!

  63. Dick Riggles

    Dick RigglesPřed 18 dny

    Because the government is always right, LOL...shaking my head. Probably should look at the graveyard of failed military tech out there to see why they're fools. My personal opinion...the way EVs are will totally fail, but something else will come along that simplifies a gas engine to make it more like an EV...or hydrogen takes prominence. EVs as they are now will be a cluster...where are all these people going to charge, geniuses? LOL. Where is this power coming from? California is crying about how they can't generate as much hydroelectric because of a drought. Most of this EV thing is pure zealotry by delusional yuppies and college kids.

  64. Goober tuber

    Goober tuberPřed 19 dny

    What I have concluded from this video is if you want an EV make sure you have a home charger or you will have problems. Even having a home charger you could run into these problems depending on how much you use the car. I know there has been discussions into having plates on roads every so often so that when an EV drives over it they get a charge. Not sure how feasible that would be with costs to implement it but it is a good idea that could do away with charging stations.

  65. Sam Muringai

    Sam MuringaiPřed 19 dny

    Download share my plug and register. It gives you update of the available charging station. Once u set it up

  66. Michael Barlin

    Michael BarlinPřed 19 dny

    How is this car relevant since the Plaid came out? Also have you experienced the massive power loss after 12.9 miles? How do you not own one of the first 25 Plaid's? Good luck with your Porsche.

  67. Owen Y

    Owen YPřed 19 dny

    Thank you for being honest about your real experience.

  68. Craig Melville

    Craig MelvillePřed 19 dny

    Here is a question is the charging issue/infrastructure the fault of the manufacturers or the utilities. As you said Tesla are supplying both?

  69. Craig Melville

    Craig MelvillePřed 19 dny

    Did you complain to BP at the station?

  70. Martin Bucek

    Martin BucekPřed 20 dny

    Mean EV...

  71. Martin Bucek

    Martin BucekPřed 20 dny

    Hi Shmee I can understand small city car's only!!!

  72. Mark Thompson

    Mark ThompsonPřed 22 dny

    Have you considered solar panels on the museum, free charging. Give me a shout and I can help

  73. FalconXE302

    FalconXE302Před 23 dny

    Shmee, serious question... is there a chance that your Battery is not quite top notch...? If you continually get errors saying that you can't "fill the tank"... should you not be hitting Porsche up about it...? ... or is it that the chargers are not capable of delivering enough current to get the Taycan battery up to near full charge...?

  74. FalconXE302

    FalconXE302Před 23 dny

    I might not agree with everything you say, but I certainly do learn quite a bit listening to you when you do video's like this one. These video's are so informative Shmee and they do actually really provide great "community" service. Cheeeeeeeers.......

  75. dwmakesmoves

    dwmakesmovesPřed 23 dny

    The taycan is a beautifully mad vehicle. However, because of the infrastructure needed for your vehicle, I would look into alternatives like the new Lucid Air Dream Edition. 517 mile range, and also the speed and power figures are crazy. I would put in a reserve for that if I were you.

  76. John Faulkner

    John FaulknerPřed 23 dny

    The EV ownership works for me with 2 vehicles averaging 1500 miles per month and always charged at home. But the infrastructure needs to ramp up significantly in quality, number and speed of the charging network to get this accepted by the naysayers!

  77. QuietStormX

    QuietStormXPřed 24 dny

    You don't buy a EV with out Home Charging for overnight. Do you use a Porsche EV app to find EV Charger? Do you report out of order EV Chargers????

  78. Mark's Cars

    Mark's CarsPřed 24 dny

    Very interesting real world content.

  79. del ski

    del skiPřed 24 dny

    I never get sick of watching your content! another interesting video thanks bud!

  80. QALibrary

    QALibraryPřed 24 dny

    Shell and BP screw you over so much with their prices when you charge - it almost cost as much as filling with petrol... A few friends that have EVs and sometimes overnight they get paid to charge their cars on a home overnight tariff... if you did not know both Shell and BP both have brought charging networks as well as companies that design and builds chargers so they seeing the writing on the wall for selling fuel you burn

  81. Simon Haynes

    Simon HaynesPřed 24 dny

    Very interesting. Puts me off going EV.

  82. Neil Bissett

    Neil BissettPřed 24 dny

    It’s simple the charging infrastructure is rubbish thanks for your honest review it certainly opens your eyes about buying a electric car at the moment think I will wait a while 😎

  83. Johnny

    JohnnyPřed 25 dny

    All I need to do is fill up my tank with good old gasoline. For as long as I can pay carbon taxes I don't give a fudge. West Taiwan pollutes a lot more than all of us combined. Plus a fair number of EV charging stations are powered by diesel engines.

  84. Dick Riggles

    Dick RigglesPřed 18 dny

    Most EV owners can't be bothered with facts. It's pure zealotry and ignorance.

  85. Chris Thorley

    Chris ThorleyPřed 25 dny

    If you dont like it, you can always give it to me ;-]

  86. RNS8763

    RNS8763Před 25 dny

    I was parked up at that same BP in Hammersmith about 3 weeks ago and received a £60 PCN for spending more than 30 minutes on site.

  87. Philip Diggens

    Philip DiggensPřed 25 dny

    As an EV owner this reinforces my strong view that if you can't charge at home you should not have an EV. It's just not worth the time, hassle and cost. At home you are paying normal electricity price of well under 20p/kWh and can just plug in overnight for 100% range.

  88. Dick Riggles

    Dick RigglesPřed 18 dny

    Electric companies are already gaming to gouge EV drivers as we speak.

  89. Pier Carlo Cadoppi

    Pier Carlo CadoppiPřed 25 dny

    Hi why don't you use slow charging instead? you just leave it for a few hours wherever nearest to where you have to go. Also as others said, you can see live status of ev chargers in various apps

  90. Anthony Snook

    Anthony SnookPřed 25 dny

    Excellent video Tim; thank you. The reality of these comparable fuel costs and the lack of charging infrastructure highlighted in your previous charging video mean I won't buy into electric for some years to come.

  91. Cornelius Kemp

    Cornelius KempPřed 25 dny

    Get a Tesla they just work 99.999999% save many headaches! It’s not even close, they just work!

  92. kowkes

    kowkesPřed 26 dny

    Nice Swatch. Best watches ever.

  93. R S

    R SPřed 26 dny

    Should've bought a Tesla.

  94. Jack Baker

    Jack BakerPřed 26 dny

    Shouldn't have got an EV if you cant charge it at home, addresses so many of your cons - a bit silly there Tim

  95. deltafoxtrot2

    deltafoxtrot2Před 26 dny

    Very interesting informative video, 45 minutes to charge up isn't ideal, however in the near future when there are more electric cars you will probably have to wait for three cars to charge up before you and that is going to be excruciating . Also as the car gets older the battery range is going to be degraded which means more trips to the charger. Hydrogen ticks all the boxes for usability,

  96. Joel Bedford

    Joel BedfordPřed 27 dny

    Really interesting review thanks Shmee. Was curious you charge yours up to over 90%. My friend has an EQC and was told by MB that the ideal charge is to set the onboard computer to charge up to 80% (they have a charger at home) and to not let it go below 20%. So keeping it between 20-80% charge all the time - did Porsche give any advice on that for battery longevity and consumption?

  97. eb1888

    eb1888Před 27 dny

    Plan B is a plaid and the Supercharger network.

  98. autobahnproven

    autobahnprovenPřed 27 dny

    If you don't use your electric car much, and don't have access to charging at home, couldn't you charge it with a solar charger plugged in through the cigarette lighter, in the same way as you can maintain the battery of a regular car? Yes, I understand a solar charger produces only a trickle current but if your car isn't driven frequently, couldn't it add a few useful miles/stop battery drain?

  99. autobahnproven

    autobahnprovenPřed 18 dny

    @Dick Riggles Haha... At the time, he parked in a well lit parking garage...

  100. Dick Riggles

    Dick RigglesPřed 18 dny

    You do know where he lives and where he parks his car? LOL.

  101. Lee Smith

    Lee SmithPřed 27 dny

    19:40 come to a conclusion based on the very most expensive chargers and not getting the membership. silly. the other cost calculations had it at a fair bit cheaper but you chose to ignore those in the conclusion.

  102. Callum Dunbar

    Callum DunbarPřed 27 dny

    london sucks

  103. Ricky Hobbs

    Ricky HobbsPřed 28 dny

    Amazing insight, thank you. I wouldn’t be surprised if off peak power rates at home are discontinued in the future as more people charge their Ev in the evenings.

  104. Paul Moor

    Paul MoorPřed 28 dny

    Well...yet again you confirm the complete smoke and mirrors that is electric cars. It would drive you mad waiting to use chargers if they were your normal car...its bad enough waiting five minutes at tesco for fuel!. I'm absolutely sure the government will pull the same trick as they did with diesel cars, by getting the majority to buy them...then ramp up tax and vat. So...tell me the actual benefit of an EV? doesn't stack up. Add to that you don't get any emotional feedback from the sound.....sorry but any sensible person wouldn't buy one.

  105. Dick Riggles

    Dick RigglesPřed 18 dny

    Elon Musk is responsible for all this. He is a total conman manipulating the masses and getting away with it.

  106. Marc Roberts

    Marc RobertsPřed 28 dny

    Good video 😀 Tesla owner here, the EV life when away from home for a few days or more can be painful. Charging at home makes day-to-day use a none issue but still the infrastructure for time away is lacking. The good news though is that it is getting better very quickly. With Gridserve quickly sorting out motorway services and companies like ubitricity installing lots and lots of street charging in London etc. The end goal is that you don’t ever go somewhere to charge, you just charge when you are doing something else and your car is parked (which is most of the time). It will eventually be the case that wherever you park you can trickle charge, little and often, and you won’t have to think about it. The difficult thing coming from a petrol car is switching that mindset, especially as it’s not realistic right now if you can’t charge at home, but one day, the idea of going somewhere to charge OR fill up will be obsolete, and the car will just be ready for you when you need it.

  107. James Rapp

    James RappPřed 28 dny

    Download Zapmap app. It will tell you which ones work and thier availability 😎👌

  108. Fabio Esposito

    Fabio EspositoPřed 28 dny

    I think EV makes sense if and only if you can charge them at home. At least for now.

  109. databeestje

    databeestjePřed 28 dny

    Really hope that you get a home/garage charger soon, that will alleviate so much of the stress. Also, I would recommend a charger with a fixed cable, that solves a lot of hassle and makes it that much faster. Good Luck!

  110. Snapyou

    SnapyouPřed 28 dny

    VAT is already added to charging costs. Your point that charging infrastructure is unfit is fair and by 2030 the huge investment made by Tesla in chargers will diminish with good selection of reliable chargers around the country. Meanwhile, Tesla is the only EV that is stress free to charge and quality has considerable improved with made in China cars and soon the Berlin made Tesla's.