Can My Tuned AMG G63 UPSET My Porsche 718 GT4 in a Drag Race?

Mercedes-AMG G63 with tune versus manual Porsche 718 Cayman GT4!
3x races head-to-head and data for 1/4 mile times. Win a dream car and £50,000 cash with BOTB:

Back to the drag strip with two of the Shmeemobiles in the most unlikely of drag races! My Mercedes-AMG G63 goes up against my Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 in a head to head where you might not be able to predict the winner.

However, the G63 is no ordinary G Wagon; in this case thanks to an Akrapovic exhaust and RENNtech tune it's running a mere 727hp and 1,069Nm (from the standard 585hp and 850Nm), so plenty of punch to overcome the 2.6 tonne weight and least aerodynamic body shape of more or less anything on the road.

On the other hand, the Cayman GT4 is a nimble and lightweight sportscar with 420hp and 420Nm, but does have a manual gearbox in mine which provides sufficient challenge for the driver to be able to get a good launch from the line.

With three races head to head, joined by Christian from BOTB to pilot the G63 while I take the wheel of the GT4, let's see how they actually shape up... prepare to be surprised!

With BOTB, you can choose from almost 200 different cars to play for including the incredible G-Wagon and many different Porsche models. Tickets start at just £1.60 and every car comes with £50,000 in the boot! Enter before midnight on Sunday for a chance to be their big Tuesday winner!

I’ve been supporting BOTB for many years and have met many of their 600+ winners myself. Big thanks to BOTB for sponsoring this video!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:48 Comparison
03:21 G63 Warmup
05:07 GT4 Warmup
06:42 Race 1
08:26 Race 2
09:52 Race 3
12:43 G63 Timed Run
13:38 GT4 Timed Run
14:10 Conclusion

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  1. Shmee150

    Shmee150Před měsícem

    Thanks to BOTB for sponsoring my Shmeemobile drag race! Win yourself a Porsche, an AMG G63, or one of many other cars (all with £50,000 in the boot!) from just £1.60… enter here today 👉

  2. Samar Islam

    Samar IslamPřed měsícem

    I wish I could participate in this thing, I am not from UK or anywhere near.

  3. darren brisson

    darren brissonPřed měsícem

    Why don't you get the original stig from the original top gear to drive the porshe

  4. Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin JoshPřed měsícem

    Shmee150 Awesome Video I think it's very interesting that you Drag raced your AMG G63 against your Cayman GT4 and I'm not Surprised that your AMG G63 won every time

  5. Ettu

    EttuPřed měsícem

    Might just spend my £1.60 sponsoring loggers in the amazon rainforest instead.

  6. Mr P

    Mr PPřed měsícem

    Maybe you should think about getting rid of the GT 4 ! I know that I would! At least you get some thing for a quarter of $1 million in the G wagon

  7. Sam R

    Sam RPřed 20 dny

    Your point at 15:00 maps exactly onto a video Chris Harris did with the previous generation G63 where he compared the acceleration of a Fiesta ST with a G63 with the Fiesta ST on a trailer behind it. Can't remember which was quickest but it's pretty amusing nonetheless!

  8. Hammer Rocks

    Hammer RocksPřed měsícem

    The G63 needs some serious suspension upgrade. Or was the suspension left at the softest settings.

  9. Trixta Sibambo

    Trixta SibamboPřed měsícem

    He's still a Virgin

  10. Plane Jane Cars

    Plane Jane CarsPřed měsícem

    The only thing this video is missing is Matt Watson and Yanni. Wiffs of Car Wow

  11. Will Satchwell

    Will SatchwellPřed měsícem

    Perhaps its time to think about keeping the GT4 long term and having that Incredible DeMan 4.5L engine that Matt Farah at @TheSmokingTire tested recently. Pair with a close ratio gearset and you have the ultimate UK sportscar!

  12. xXLoNeWoLfXx

    xXLoNeWoLfXxPřed měsícem

    Anyone who knows....does all the 718 cayman models have the same chassis without the spoilers and splitters and exhaust

  13. Purekoryo

    PurekoryoPřed měsícem

    Hey Shmee150 - even the manual GT4 has launch control. Level road clutch fully depressed mash on the gas and it’ll rev to 6K rpm and drop the clutch but not too violently. With traction control completely off, rear wheels will hop. So I leave it on.

  14. BettyPolansky

    BettyPolanskyPřed měsícem

    That was absolutely insane

  15. BettyPolansky

    BettyPolanskyPřed měsícem


  16. John Olaoluwa

    John OlaoluwaPřed měsícem

    Where in the UK is this field?

  17. Simon Waterfall

    Simon WaterfallPřed měsícem

    Is that the top gear test track behind him in the intro

  18. Giorgos Papadopoulos

    Giorgos PapadopoulosPřed měsícem

    OK the channel's owner doesn't know how to drive.

  19. James Rapp

    James RappPřed měsícem

    Cool cheers mate 😎👌

  20. David Nimmo

    David NimmoPřed měsícem

    I hope Shmee you will do so more drag racing with Cristian from BOTB. Please bring the McLaren Senna or the Ford GT 🤞

  21. Helix

    HelixPřed měsícem

    9:37 that Segway to the sponsor was the most sly and clean Segway I’ve ever witnessed. This man slipped it in the with ease

  22. Aubrey Wallace

    Aubrey WallacePřed měsícem

    Guy wit porsche just playin that car screams in 2nd gr. He doesnt drive out the first 3 gears🤗

  23. Steven Lee

    Steven LeePřed měsícem

    Love they are at the Top Gear circuit

  24. robin parker-jones

    robin parker-jonesPřed měsícem

    Get that Porsche to APR tuning

  25. Carlos Francisco

    Carlos FranciscoPřed měsícem

    The perfect G setup...Akrapovic and Rentech...nothing more to add...

  26. Exotic95

    Exotic95Před měsícem

    My favourite place

  27. Sean Kamoga

    Sean KamogaPřed měsícem

    The G63 may have to stay in the Shmuseum

  28. Pedro

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  29. 165324

    165324Před měsícem

    Many years ago Walter Röhrl showed in German television how to accelerate a manual 911 Carrera (997) as fast as possible. The party trick was to idle at around 4000 rpm and shifting relatively early into second gear. Nethertheless it would be hard to beat your G63.

  30. Barry Boyd

    Barry BoydPřed měsícem

    A drag race from a very British perspective. Really liked the full explanations of each vehicle. It feels like Tim has brought some American tendencies home it’s him. Awfully sporting of you sir . Next thing you know, they’ll be doing roll-one from 60 mph. I think that’s what Tim should have set up if he wanted to win in the Cayman. No matter. It was an interesting competition because it wasn’t obvious who was going to win and the chaps were enjoying themselves.

  31. GT-DRIVER 888

    GT-DRIVER 888Před měsícem

    TIM, it would be cool to see you meet up with WATSON and Yanni on CARWOW to do some drag races.

  32. Phil Sykes

    Phil SykesPřed měsícem

    Have you seen the old vid of Clarkson in a petrol over finch racing a rs focus pulling a rs focus on a trailer at the time! Fun! 😁😁

  33. Tore Hansen

    Tore HansenPřed měsícem

    Bonkers that a apartmentsblock on wheel can be so fast, amazing fun video!

  34. Ben Cowan

    Ben CowanPřed měsícem

    Would of been been different if the 718 had PDK

  35. Hack Jealousy

    Hack JealousyPřed měsícem

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  39. TheGnarFox

    TheGnarFoxPřed měsícem

    If he wasn’t anal about wearing his vest for advertising he wouldn’t be so hot lol I thinks he’s the next billy May

  40. rustler08

    rustler08Před měsícem

    Pre-viewing guesses: 12.5@110 stock vs 11.7@118 for the Porsche. However, you're up 100hp, so I'm going to say you're probably closer to an 11 second car in the G-wagon

  41. Joshua V Fernandes

    Joshua V FernandesPřed měsícem

    i guess using a manual car in a drag race was a bad idea

  42. Anson Lytle

    Anson LytlePřed měsícem

    Next up, the G vs. The GT4 on the 'Ring. Little different story

  43. michael ch

    michael chPřed měsícem

    thats why NA cars are garbage

  44. Mike Dafos

    Mike DafosPřed měsícem

    Garbage because a NA track weapon didn’t win a drag race? Let’s see what happens on a racetrack.

  45. Andy Walravens

    Andy WalravensPřed měsícem

    Cayman is just a women version of the real deal 😂

  46. Andy Walravens

    Andy WalravensPřed měsícem

    @Michael Gakanga dude... Just look at the headlights and taillights... Or search it on Google. A Cayman is a women's car, a porsche GT2/3 is a man's car.... Its not for nothing, they call it the widow maker

  47. Michael Gakanga

    Michael GakangaPřed měsícem

    @Andy Walravens that's just wrong man🤦

  48. Andy Walravens

    Andy WalravensPřed měsícem

    @Michael Gakanga im talking about, the cayman is a women's version of the GT2,Gt3... Whats not understand? Or even a standard Porsche... Cayman is a women car 😀

  49. Michael Gakanga

    Michael GakangaPřed měsícem

    What are you even talking about

  50. Marianne Grace Nepomuceno Bagay

    Marianne Grace Nepomuceno BagayPřed měsícem

    it would be interesting if you race the GT500 against the G63

  51. Danny Hansen

    Danny HansenPřed měsícem

    Sooooo.. what if you equal the playing field and get the GT4 tuned like the G wagon? Who wins when it's fair then?

  52. Miguel Moninhas

    Miguel MoninhasPřed měsícem

    Nice watch aswell Tim 😎

  53. apple4youngsters

    apple4youngstersPřed měsícem

    00:32 ludicrous? ludicrous is sooo 2018 ... Plaid is 2021 :)

  54. FalconXE302

    FalconXE302Před měsícem

    For a manual... your launches were very good Mr Shmee... but that G Wagon... with your power upgrade... it's nuts...! I'd like to see the G wagon at a proper Drag strip like Santa Pod... I'm sure it's got more than 12.4 in it...

  55. Randall Harris

    Randall HarrisPřed měsícem

    Ridiculous matchup. Clearly Tim is running out of content.

  56. Chris B

    Chris BPřed měsícem

    It might win a drag race, but I'd still take the GT4 over the TwatWagon.

  57. aj X

    aj XPřed měsícem

    The G63 is Awesooome!! And then he turns around to head back and it rolls over!

  58. El Mero Lupe

    El Mero LupePřed měsícem

    The G is deffinetly the car I hate the most. Love the GT4 tho 👌

  59. Adrian Tripp

    Adrian TrippPřed měsícem

    Shmee: OMG THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE!! Everyone else: Saw that one coming.

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    Pastor Roberto RodriguezPřed měsícem

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    Lee CurtisPřed měsícem

    I thought it would be close but the G63 really showed dominance, so impressive for such a big beast!

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    Christopher PettwayPřed měsícem

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    Khaizuran K-ManPřed měsícem

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    Matt SamuelsPřed měsícem

    Auto >> manual

  70. Kostas Margelos

    Kostas MargelosPřed měsícem

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    Luke SlaterPřed měsícem

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  74. Jason Tong

    Jason TongPřed měsícem

    Not good for the engine at all, both cars are from cold start...

  75. Nostalgic rc

    Nostalgic rcPřed měsícem

    Pointless.... G63 is tuned to 730bhp!

  76. Steve W

    Steve WPřed měsícem

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  77. Herbivores SINGH

    Herbivores SINGHPřed měsícem

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  78. A8uella

    A8uellaPřed měsícem

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  79. Visuvasam Parthipan

    Visuvasam ParthipanPřed měsícem

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  80. Jérôme B

    Jérôme BPřed měsícem

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  81. xero256

    xero256Před měsícem

    A competent automatic transmission typically shifts faster than an H-pattern manual. You'd need a different transmission or a lot more power in the GT4. If you noticed in the replay, each gearshift in the GT4 had it falling back farther each time.

  82. HDBassMusic

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    I don't want much for myself. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day🖤🖤

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    Be12Před měsícem

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  88. Rich Jax

    Rich JaxPřed měsícem

    Awesome drag race would love to see more of these with you cars.

  89. Gabriel Bourke

    Gabriel BourkePřed měsícem

    That G against the GT4, a bit of a meaningless drag race if you ask me, even if it's a competition to win a car. Why not the 3 Mercs against each other or the Cayman against the Taycan or 2 McClarens against each other (Mat Watson even did the Rimac Nevera against the Ferrari FS90 or the Yaris GR against numerous other cars)

  90. Edwin Postma

    Edwin PostmaPřed měsícem

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  96. Brandan Ramkissoon

    Brandan RamkissoonPřed měsícem

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    SCOOP DE DOOPPřed měsícem

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    Josh RosemaPřed měsícem

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