IT'S HERE! Collecting My AMG GT Black Series

It's finally time to collect my brand new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series! It's been a long time in the making but now the ultimate beast from Affalterbach arrives at @The Shmuseum after a collection outing with both the Pro and Roadster. What a monster!

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It's been a long wait, with a number of delays with everything going on, but finally the Nurburgring lap record holder has arrived to join the garage. After buying the original AMG GT R about 4 years ago, I've driven many miles with my GTs including the GT R Pro, recently the GT R Roadster, and also buying the SLS AMG Black Series last year that has become an iconic member of the garage. It was only natural therefore that the GT Black Series would follow, destined to become a permanent addition and cover many thousands of happy miles in the years to come.

My particular car is in Graphite Grey Magno, a colour I have chosen as a fantastic base with my intention to carry out a full respray and transform it to the famous AMG Solarbeam yellow, as I always desired. In the meantime however, it looks desperately menacing, and is the epitome of "Batmobile" in the satin black.

Kicking off from @The Shmuseum , while I would have loved my SLS Black Series to be present for the occasion it is unfortunately still a week or so from returning, however the other two AMG GT models in the garage are perfect for the outing, and to get the trio together for a full look at how they compare.

There's a lot to come with the journey of this car, it's going to be quite a ride and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:47 Garage Update
03:19 On the Road
05:32 Arrive at the Dealership
06:48 GT Black Series Reveal
08:07 Interior
10:53 First Drive
17:24 It's Home
18:08 Front Splitter Process
20:19 Triple AMG GT
22:41 Shmuseum News
25:37 Wrap Up

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